Ra'Shan L. Wilson

Author, Philanthropist, Motivational Speaker

Lady Dashonna                                                            Elder Ra'Shan

A woman of style, grace, and poise - Lady Dashonna Marie Wilson is a powerful source of strength beneath the veil of her humble beauty and smile. Born in Newark, New Jersey, she was reared in the metropolitan city of Irvington, N.J. She was a member of Bible Way Pentecostal Church under the pastoral leadership of her aunt, Elder Gaye C. Hayes. She gave her life to the Lord and began working in ministry at a very young age. At any given time she could be found serving as a junior usher, singing on the choir, ministering through worship and praise, or any other vacancy that needed to be filled.

Graceful, dainty, and meek yet valiant, are just a few words that describe Lady Dashonna. To know her is to love her and anyone that has ever been in her presence can attest to the spirit of peace she carries. Considering her family's direct involvement in ministry, she transitioned to Columbia, South Carolina in 2001 when her former pastor, lead of the Lord, relocated south to continue working in ministry by expanding the New Jersey church location. Lady Shonn, as she is affectionately called by many, is full of dreams, goals, and business ideas. After graduating high school in 2007, she relocated to Charleston, S.C. where she attended the College of Charleston and majored in psychology. It was at a college bible study where she met the man that would fulfill the role of her husband.

She is happily married to Elder Ra'Shan L. Wilson and together they have three children; Jada Marie, Joshua Rashan and Caleb David.

Dashonna is pursuing her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Business Management. She desires to be an entrepreneur and to teach, empower, and encourage women not to strive for better in life.


Elder Ra’undefinedShan Lamar Wilson is a grace-filled example of one man's quest for truth. Born in Charleston, S.C. and reared in Pentecostalism, at an early age sought for a more interior life with the Lord Jesus Christ.   

 He received salvation at the tender age of twelve. Dedicated and committed to the work of the Kingdom, he served his former ministry in the capacity of minister of music for several years. As a young man anointed with the unique expression of God’s power and presence, Ra’Shan accepted the call to the ministry of the preached word at age sixteen. He initially began traveling extensively throughout the southeastern region of the United States and since then has expansively ministered across the country.


The ministry of Elder Wilson is that of a seasoned prophet and seer. The impression and signs that follow his meetings are lasting. In 2011, he received his Holy Orders and was ordained Elder in the Lord’s Church by Life Center Fellowship of Interdependent Churches and Ministries, Incorporated under the auspices of Bishop Brian D. Moore, Presiding Prelate.  He is a young man full of the spirit of wisdom, faith, strength, and power. His life exemplifies the methodism of holiness through integrity. Thousands of souls have been led to Christ during the course of his ministry life.


In August of 2009 Elder Wilson published his first book; When Life Happens…Obtaining The Power To Move On. In June of 2013 he released his second book, 99 & ½ Things A Woman Needs From Her Man...How To Establish and Maintain A Healthy Relationship. 


His effective and relevant ministry has allowed him to minister beyond the church walls. He has been the in-studio guest for radio and television talk shows that have invited him to discuss today’s most important topics and issues. His goal in ministry is to expand the Kingdom of God by globalizing the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Elder Wilson is married to the former Dashonna Marie Bruton, and has three children; Jada Marie, Joshua Rashan and Caleb David.